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Grandma and Grampa, Aunt Trista and Alyssa.

Posted July 22nd, 2007 at 8:35 pm by Ashley

19 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes old

Friday night my parents and sisters came up to visit….and, mostly, see the baby. My mom and Alyssa (fourteen-year-old) hadn’t seen Ali since she was two days old, my dad and Trista (seventeen-year-old) had yet to see her. Friday was a really strange day, Ali was awake from four or so in the afternoon until just past nine. Every time she’d drift off it was just for a few minutes before she’d wake herself up as if she was determined not to sleep. She finally drifted off about fifteen minutes before everybody arrived and proceeded to sleep for a stretch, feed, sleep again…etc. But the night was weird. She ate around midnight, then at two or two-thirty, then was up from five to seven, ate again a little after nine….then I think Tony took her…and fed again after ten. Somebody is such a growing girl!

My brother Jordan, who has yet to meet Ali but hopefully soon, graduated college in June and got a super nice camera. If anyone is camera savvy, they may have noticed the high quality of our birth photos…my mom took them with that camera and brought it with her again so we were snapping pics the whole time they were here. Which, unfortunately, wasn’t for too long. Saturday we all ventured to Alderwood Mall, where my dad purchased Harry Potter (I’m more than half-way through!) and then they went to visit a nearby Business Costco. My mom made a bunch of scalloped potatoes and weeded our garden while the rest of us watched cable (my family has never had it). Then we all watched Red Eye and they headed back to Gladstone a little after seven.

Ali chilling, all ready to hit the mall.

The whole time at the mall.

Kids always love Trista.

They both look pretty crazy.

Trista and Tony tag-teaming.

It’s big, but the outfit is still super cute!


Everybody loves a baby.

Grandma and Grampa.

Probably the best picture I’ve seen in a long time.

“How far along are you?”

Posted July 20th, 2007 at 12:59 pm by Ashley

17 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes old

Long time no post. We’ve been busy this week. Tuesday I had a dermotologist appointment in downtown Seattle. Tony and Ali came along. It’s been about five weeks since I’d been last (I’m in the process of getting a scar on my chin injected to flatten it), so I was very pregnant at the last appointment. First, they tell us the doc is running half an hour behind. Ugh. Then they take us out of the posh waiting room and leave us to wait in the exam room that whole time. Ugh again. UW (University of Washington) is a teaching hospital so you see much more of an intern then the doc there. Finally our guy comes in, and the hilarity ensues. Although, to those of you a bit less sleep deprived then we were at the time, it might be a bit less funny.

The intern walks in and says, "Mr. Lewis?" Tony and I say, "Uh, no….Ms. Lewis?" He then mumbles something about being from the south where Ashley is a boy’s name, turns to Tony and says, "Well, then you must be Mr. Ashley." This time it’s Tony that mumbles, "Um, something like that." Tony is holding Ali and the guy asks, "And who is this?" We say, "Alizabeth," and he says "Oh, Alizabeth Ashley." At this point we’re completely perplexed but whatever…names are hard sometimes and you know how in the medical field it’s always last name – first name (i.e. Lewis, Ashley) so maybe he just got confused. Also he was Asian so I thought he might now be very familiar with American names. Then he starts glancing through my chart and asking me all sorts of dumb questions they’ve asked every time I go in there (the joys of a teaching hospital). He asks me if I’ve been going to my OB appointments regularly (I was initially referred to the derm during by my OB because of the way some of my moles ballooned during pregnancy). I say I have and then he asks my how far along I am! I kind of glance at Tony, this did that just happen look and answer, "She’s two weeks old?" To which the intern looks confused, stumbles a bit and then comes back together, "Oh, so you already had your baby?" Tony just pointed at her in response.

The guy was then completely flustered the rest of the time. I was trying so hard not to bust up, but not doing the best job, which caused his to become more flustered. It was seriously the most awkward, unbelievable, doctor’s trip. When they went to do the injection he didn’t perform it, instead he observed the doc do it (a first…my other two injections were given by the interns, one observed by the doc, the other unsupervised) and when they went to lower the chair/bed thing he didn’t even know how to work it. It was then I remembered the warnings I’d heard about having a baby in July. All the med students graduate in June and, in July, new interns flood the medical community. I really hope that was the case with this guy and he learns a lot. Quickly.

Tonight my mom, dad, and sisters are coming up to see Ali. This is the first time my dad and Trista are seeing her, which is so exciting! Also, at 12:01am Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released. Not sure when I’ll get my hands on a copy, but I’m eagerly anticipating the seventh and final book of the series. Though it’s conclusion will very definitely be bittersweet.

Susie and family came over for dinner on their last night here.

Seventeen days old. Sleeping yesterday afternoon.

Big yawn on a walk last night.

She’s got some "baby acne."

Tony checks out a nearby playground.

I think his sunglasses make him look mean.

A rare picture of Ali and I. Me beyond my boob at least…

BBQ at Grand-mere’s.

Posted July 15th, 2007 at 8:53 pm by Ashley

12 days, 14 hours, 4 minutes old

Friday night we went to Billie’s house for an amazing brisket Susie’s husband, Steve, slaved away making for, like, twenty-four hours. This was Ali’s first visit to her grand-mere’s. She was unusually awake and active throughout, feeding twice without drifting off (more or less unheard of).

Ugh, I feel bad about my lack of writing lately….pictures are much easier to post. Plus, they sat 1000 words or whatever, right? It’s hot here tonight, or maybe that’s just because I’ve been cooking this half-turkey for two-and-a-half or so hours. Anyway, it needs to be checked and I’m suddenly completely overheated.

Some notes on these pics: Ali is the same size as Tony’s sandwich, the quilt was lovingly made by Great-grandma Swalla and turned out great, can you tell the boys had been swimming?, and Ali loves to suck on fingers…even if they’re not her own!

Five hours!

Posted July 11th, 2007 at 4:58 pm by Ashley

8 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old

Last night (well, more this morning) Ali slept for five hours straight! After waking up at two or two-thirty and not going back down until four, she slept until nine. Until then the most she’s slept has been three or three-and-a-half hours. Needless to say, I was a very happy mama in the morning.

It’s ninety-five or a hundred or so degrees here today. We have no air conditioning nor even a fan and it’s getting to be pretty miserable. I’m glad it’s just about five and will be starting to cool down. I miss hanging in the pool but it would probably be too hot for that too. It’s definitely too hot for a baby to be outside. Well, I guess I don’t know that but that’s what my instincts say. We might head to Target pretty soon…just for the air conditioning and a chance for me to get out of the house. We’ve been home a week and I’ve only left twice; the doctor on Friday and the grocery store on Monday. This hat wave was not well timed with my tendency to go a little stir-crazy.

Last night Tony’s Aunt Susie, her husband Steve and their boys Payton and Quinton came over with Billie for dinner. Amazingly, we forgot to bring out the camera. Very sad, but they’re visiting here from Missouri for eight days so we’ll see them again and be sure to snap some photos then. It’s always nice to meet more of the Swalla family, both me and Ali, and to show off the beautiful baby girl we have been blessed with. Speaking of showing off…

The first three pics here are from yesterday….one week old! The rest are from today; the "naked" ones this morning (note the lack of umbilical cord!), the last, sleeping one, during an afternoon nap. I hope everyone "out there" is well and doing their best to stay cool!


Posted July 7th, 2007 at 6:07 am by Ashley

4 days, 23 hours, 18 minutes old

I’m breaking that whole "sleep while your baby is sleeping rule." I’m finding that a hard one to follow at times. More on that at a later date. I also hope to write a bit about labor and Ali’s birth. I guess when I get a chance. Until then, stay tuned. Also, thank you so much, to everyone, for all your supprt, words of encouragment, congratulations, exclamations (she is the cutest!), and general contact. So many of you live far away and it helps us immensely to feel connected.

On a side note: we had our first doctor’s appointment yesterday. We’ve decided to use the family practitioner Tony began seeing this year. The appointment went well and was pretty routine. We hovered and attempted comforting like the nervous newbies we are. Ali’s doing great, she weighed in at 6lbs. 15oz. Only three ounces less than her birth weight, so not much ground to make up at this point. My milk has been coming in over the last few days, and has not been anywhere near as bad as anticipated. Mostly I just feel like I got a couple bean bags, or rocks, or something strapped to the front of me. Breastfeeding is another topic I hope to touch on more soon.

So without further adieu, here are some photos of Ali coming home from the hospital. The non-bobblehead editions.


Posted May 10th, 2007 at 12:01 pm by Ashley

1 month, 24 days, 18 hours, 48 minutes until birth

Last night we went to Billie’s house for dinner and to see Tony’s cousin, Josh, who was in town from Iowa. Here’s some pictures.

Thirty-three and a half weeks!


Tony’s Brother Dave and his girlfriend Rachel.


Josh and Rachel looking over photos.


Both Little Cat and I look evil, but see how tan I’ve gotten?