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Life getting in the way.

Posted January 27th, 2009 at 8:20 pm by Ashley

1 year, 6 months, 24 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes old

That is what’s happened right now. In the past two weeks we’ve spent extended time in Seattle and Portland. We’ve booked major wedding components and checked out a big handful of houses. I came home and immediately came down with a horrid flu and was sicker than I’ve been in years. Fever spiked at 104.5!

Now, life it returning to our normal chaos and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, needs to be done.

Anyone reading this in the Portand area. We are looking for a rental house with 3+ bedrooms, 1500+ square feet, preferably in SE or SW and as close-in at possbile for my commute to PSU. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Also, I REALLY want two full bathrooms, a dishwasher is a must, and a yard is a pretty huge deal. K thanks.

Ali enjoying our cake tasting.

P.S.- New pics here and here.

The last few weeks as seen through my iPhone.

Posted January 10th, 2009 at 6:42 pm by Ashley

1 year, 6 months, 7 days, 11 hours, 53 minutes old

Highway 30 North of Astoria on 12/22/08. Yes, the trees are bending in like they’re about to break.

Trista and Ali sharing music in the car.

Ali, Alyssa and "Abuh" sleeping on the way home from our Christmas in Salem, OR on 12/28/08.

Grabbing a snack at Northgate mall on New Year’s Eve.

Ringing in 2009.

New Year’s Day. I’m dressed for the Iowa bowl game that was in the morning (actually Ali is to with an Iowa shirt that has ELMO on it!) but Ali was sick and feverishly sleeping on me.

Headed home, 1/2/09.

Ali was happy to be back and also to enjoy all the new toys we had to leave.

When the sun comes out there is actually some light to take a decent picture!

Yum, Nutella! Thanks [almost] Aunt Becky.

She kept "throwing" sand on me and non-stop cracking up.

Christmas pictures!

Posted January 10th, 2009 at 12:47 pm by Ashley

1 year, 6 months, 7 days, 5 hours, 58 minutes old

I know the holidays are practically a distant memory at this point. But I just now uploaded the few pictures I got. Especially compared to last year!

December 20th, the night before Christmas at our house.

Enjoying a Christmas snack at her new table and chair set.

We took our tree down on December 21st!!

The snow we drove through to get to my parents’ house. It was a 5.5 hour trip.

Nana, Grandpa, and Ali watching Tony build a snowman on their patio.

She loved to drop facedown in the snow for a bite.

Everybody out sledding.

This picture totally cracks me up.

Smiling at Karlin.

Pretty much her favorite place to be now.

Now up to Seattle for Christmas at Billie’s.

Is this raincoat not SO her?

Dressed to take the city by storm on NYE.

To see the pictures that didn’t make the cut, click here.


Posted January 6th, 2009 at 8:43 pm by Ashley

1 year, 6 months, 3 days, 13 hours, 54 minutes old

As you must have noticed we are BUSY! For the holidays we spent time in both Gladstone and Seattle. We travelled through all sort of weather. We had a great time with family and friends but missed home. It takes a lot of adjusting after being gone for nearly two weeks.

School is back up again for me and will be much more work intensive than in the fall. We are also full-speed ahead with wedding plans! Booked a venue yesterday and my mom and I have been brainstorming bridesmaid dresses (yes, she is making them!!!). On the 18th of January we will be back in PDX going to bridal show. Now to begin the hunt for a dress…

Really the wedding stuff is much more exciting than I thought it would be. The main issue is time. Especially because I think we may be doing a lot ourselves to save money. So, swamped. We are also pretty much sure we will be moving to Portland in the spring. Moving. Soon. This term. Among crazy wedding plans and juggling a courseload and this other thing I’m not supposed to blog about.


Which is why I can’t go there. Only focusing on the here and now and the POSITIVE. Thus, I must go do some reading or math or something.


The great crib caper.

Posted December 16th, 2008 at 7:30 pm by Ashley

1 year, 5 months, 13 days, 12 hours, 41 minutes old

Okay, let’s start with that. Again, a video. We’ve been having some fun with Tony’s new[ish] MacBook and hope you have too.

Yes, life as we know it is over. For the moment we just moved the changing table over and hope that buys us a little more time. Yes again, Ali is wearing a vest over her pjs. It’s cold here! Some randomness

  • Portland is getting another storm tomorrow. Of the snow and ice variety. Last I heard we are not which makes me both happy and sad.
  • Tony’s birthday is Monday! But we might be celebrating earlier. We are going to go to my parents’ on Tuesday and are planning to do our own Christmas beforehand. One reason being that one or two of Ali’s presents are too big to travel. It’s exciting that we get to get our festivities underway ahead of schedule!
  • Come Tuesday we will be gone for a long time. Like two weeks or more. Always a bit stressful. To say the least.
  • I am getting/am/am getting over being sick. Not sure which it is and it’s mostly just a sore throat and lethargy. I’ve napped three of the past four afternoons even though I’ve been getting an acceptable amount of sleep at night. I just crash. Hopefully it’s me fighting something off, meaning I’ve gotten as much as I’m gonna get.
  • We are looking at two more venues during out days in Portland next week. Will this search never end?!?
  • We did get some snow around here, enough for Ali to get out and experience it some. She liked it a lot and was not happy today when we wouldn’t let her out of the stroller. Today everything was mostly ice and she just can’t maneuver with that.

Outside our house.

Downtown, along Highway 101.

Stoked that we were going to the park.

Snow on the beach!

  • I have barely blogged about this, so I’m glad Tony and Ali are now vlogging (video-blogging for anyone unfamiliar). What a vocabulary this girl is developing! Not only is she a little parrot that can repeat just about anything, but I can’t even go through all the words she says on a daily basis. She’s even gettig to the point where she can kind of tell a little story. And coupling words together! Like "Hi Daddy, and "Bye tree." Also very into singing, her favorites are Rockabye Baby, in which she likes to substitute baby for daddy, elmo, Ali, Alyssa, etc. and Old MacDonald had a farm with she calls I-oh-ee or something along those lines.
  • Yeah, this is random. I’m kind of lost but glad to have gotten a blog out. Again, watch the video, this kid is crazy.

Oh, snap.

Posted December 2nd, 2008 at 9:34 pm by Ashley

1 year, 4 months, 30 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes old

There is just so much to be done with too little time. The end of fall quarter in fast approaching and, while I’m looking forward to a bit more free time (or at least free to choose what I do when), it’s kind of come to my attention that acquired quite a to-do list during what is sure to be a busy few weeks.

For example, an expanse of days at both my parents’ house and Billie’s. Ah, travelling. So invirgorating and yet exhausting. We do hate to love you.

Anyway, the need for a blog is nagging at me. So much that I am avoiding other, probably more pressing, things. So, no lengthy post on the joys of Thanksgiving or the time spent with loved ones. Not even a post dedicated to all that I/we are thankful for (hint: it’s a LOT). I will give a shout out though to all of YOU. This has been a long and, at times, lonely year. Blogging has been an outlet like no other. But the best part is the interaction, the feedback. So, a special thanks to anyone who ever commented. There were days when your words may have made all the difference.

I don’t think I took but a handful of pictures in all the festivities, so I’ll have to go with what I’ve got.

Ali and Tony at the Tillamook Cheese Factory some two weeks ago.

I ordered these shoes from The Children’s Place for under $5. But I think they’re too small. Ali is growing SO FAST!

Billie came down the weekend before Thanksgiving and we had our own little dinner. Thank you Fred Meyers !

Aunt Alyssa, pretty much Ali’s new favorite person.

From the left; Trista, my mom, and Alyssa. Getting in the line outside Walmart about 5am on Black Friday. Yeah, we scored big…

Adorable Adriah who is getting so big! I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with her the day after T-giving.

Out to dinner for Cass’s birthday. And, of course, there is no group shot.

Tony and Ali on Sunday when we went to get our Christmas tree.

We did good!

The ultimate Costco run.

Posted November 12th, 2008 at 9:32 pm by Ashley

1 year, 4 months, 9 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes old

Oh my. Today was one of  "those days."

As any loyal readers know, we’ve been home for awhile. For the first time in a LONG while. We tend to hit Costco up whenever we’re at my parents’ but the last time was early October so it’d been over a month. We talked last week about going up to Warrenton to stock up this week and decided Wednesday was probably the best day. Then a storm came through.

Monday night the wind howled and continued to through the morning. Ali and I were headed to Tillamook to go to MOPS but I was somewhat hesitant. We went and it was fine. Wind, rain, struggly car, and all. So when Tony said [yesterday, Tuesday] that we should see if it was still stroming I didn’t think much of it. This morning it was raining but no wind and he said tomorrow, Thursday, was supposed to be nicer. Which, in his mind, meant we should wait and go tomorrow. But I heard, today we’ll be stuck in the house, tomorrow we could venture out for a walk or something so we should go to the store (it’s just driving, and "indoor" activity, right?) today while the weather is bad. Ha!

Had we decided to venture out at the beginning of the storm it would have been one thing. But on the tail end you are then dealing with FLOODING.

It’s just over an hour drive. While Ali normally naps at noon we timed it so she could have kind of a split nap, hoping she’d nap the majority of both ways, so we left a bit before 10am. It rained, Ali eventually fell asleep. I started to get car sick. South of Seaside (like 2/3 to 3/4 of the way there) we can to an area where water was standing on the road and crew had just arrived. Perhaps to close it or deal with it we really didn’t know. We headed on.

Had a great time. Stopped at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Ross. It’s so fun just to even look when you’re NEVER at stoes like these. Ali gets so, SO excited because her two favorite characters, Elmo and Dora, are EVERYWHERE. Then we drove to Astoria and had lunch at Pig’n Pancake. And then Costco. We really didn’t even need that much, just our Costco "staples:"

  • 12 oz. cans of V-8
  • Salmon burgers
  • Chicken breasts
  • Pizza shells
  • Almond butter (which I haven’t found the last two times and will be crushed if they stopped carrying)
  • Soup (?)
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels

Actually I left the list at home. Which is classic me. But that was what we needed, though really, do you ever leave Costco with ONLY what you came for? It was the dwindling TP supply that lit a fire under me in the first place, btw. Which, sidenote, why can’t I just walk across the street and buy and small and grossly overpriced package there?!?! Why does my brain not work that way?

Then we come home. It’s about 1:30pm. Ali is tired and falls asleep immediately. we get to Seaside. The road (highway 101) is closed to low vehicles. Which, in a Hyundai Elantra, is us. We didn’t even wait to see the water before turning around. Tony gets on his phone and starts GPSing another route. We take off. 

It’s not long before we’re in the mountains (the only detour is a looooooong one) with no cell reception. He gets out a map. I have no idea where we went, but I know there was a long period of timewhere we weren’t even headed in the direction of home, not sure exactly where we were and worried that, at any moment, water was going to force us to turn around. After about two hours we finally reached an area we were familiar with (up by Jewell for anyone familiar with the area) and knew we were about an hour from home. This was 3:30pm, about when Ali woke up.

Also, pretty much this whole time it’s all I can do not to barf. I get car sick so very easily and these particular roads are brutal. I can do alright when Ali is asleep but if she’s awake it’s all I can do to turn back to hand her a snack. And Tony is concentrating on driving and it’s POURING and there’s standing water all over these quickly darkening, very curvy roads.

Ali did so great. I gave her some crackers and what little water she had left (we had a Costco load of food but nothing to drink but V-8 in the trunk). When she started fussing I put Elmo on my phone and gave it to her. While trying not to barf myself I pondered whether she could get carsick. She had barfed once before in the car. Also while watching something on my phone but it was only a few minutes after eating McDonald’s so we more thought it was due to too much [not-good] food. I thought two things. First, she’d tell me if she didn’t feel good, right? Like, cry or whine or something. Second, probably her brain or eyes or whatever is responsible for the peripheral vision wasn’t developed enough. Basically, she’s not old enough to get carsick, right? She’s still a BABY!

Finally we’re on 47 and so close to 101 just hoping, hoping, there’s no water blocking us. I turn around and Ali has a HUGE barf. (All over my new iPhone, btw). I say, "She just barfed." Tony pulls over and gets out while I grab napkins out of the glove compartment. I turn around and she her barfing more. I lose it and start SOBBING. I have no idea why, except that seeing Ali be sick was like the saddestthing ever. Sadder than her burning her hand. Especially because it was basically all my fault…

Of course, me bawling uncontrollably does not help the situation and Ali is further scared but I can’t stop and thank God for Tony. It’s another 20-25 minutes to home during which Ali is appalled as the barf all over her (seriously, where did the girl put that much?) but, for the most part, calm. We got home a bit before 5pm.

It was a long, long day.

Now I only take pictures with the iPhone.

Posted October 28th, 2008 at 8:55 pm by Ashley

1 year, 3 months, 25 days, 14 hours, 6 minutes old

Ali being a "Monster" in one of Tony’s old sweatshirts.

And eating her first sucker today, after having to get a shot.

We’ve had a busy few days. My car has been in the shop for a week. Sunday I tried again (one year later) to learn to drive Tony’s stick. I’m just not good at it. Or sticking with it 🙂 Monday morning I had to take my math midterm at TBCC (proctored, the class in through PCC and online). So Tony [and Ali] had to drive me in and drop me off while they ran errands. It was quicky, less than an hour, and went went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer afterward. Then I had my Speech class in the evening. Which I hadn’t been to in two weeks. So I had a midterm and my first speech. And no ride home. It was a little stressful.

But, all went well. I aced the midterm (despite only getting the study guide a few hours previous from a classmate when the teacher didn’t answer my emails for two weeks!) and apparently did well on my speech since Ms. Arvyn asked if I’ve taken the class before (no!). To be fair, the course is appallingly easy. And, I got a ride home from another student. All was well.

This morning, MOPS! Again, Tony drove Ali and I in. He worked and went to the YMCA. Ali had a rough time when she was taken from me (new procedure apparently) but I guess made a new friend with one of the helper ladies and wouldn’t leave her side. Last time (two weeks ago) she got so upset that she fell asleep on one of the volunteers. And it was nowhere near naptime!!! Lol, her reaction to the situation continues to crack me up but I’m so glad it’s a situation she is being put in.

After MOPS we came home and it was naptime. Then, across the street for shots. Which ended up being SHOT (singular) as there’s a national shortage on one she kind of needs (hib, I think) and we were talked out of a flu shot. Which was fine with me, it wasn’t our idea, we were told she needed it. Ali screamed bloody murder the moment the nurse called her name and didn’t stop until we left the exam room. Though she was fine for the thirty-plus minutes we spent in the waiting room. She’s really getting big that she has such strong associations.

Tomorrow we are back to Tillamook with Ali’s first dental apppintment. Besides it being recommended that all babies get a 12 month check (yeah, she’s late), she has a brown spot on one of her teeth that I’m worried is a cavity but Tony did some research and said it just a discolored area. So, we’ll see.

Also tomorrow, I get my car back! This evening we FINALLY got word of what was wrong with it….and also that it was ready! Just a missing fuse so we only have to pay for that and 1/2 hour of labor. But that only answers why is was stuck in park. Not necessarily why it died in the first place or why the engine light has been coming on for about a year. So I’m still nervous with it.

Yep, things are good. We are happy, happy, happy to be home and be able to stay for a bit for once. Last weekend was our first home in a MONTH and I figured out a coupledays ago that two to two and a half weeks is the longest we’ve been home, continuously, since…MAY?!?! Seriously, it’s been pretty crazy for a very long time.

Also looking forward to Halloween on Friday anda bonus community carnival/party on Saturday!

Over a week without posting?

Posted October 21st, 2008 at 8:42 pm by Ashley

1 year, 3 months, 18 days, 13 hours, 53 minutes old

Sorry about that.

I don’t really have the time/energy to write much of anything. We went to Seattle on Friday and got home last night about 11:30pm. Go here to see some random pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Surprise, surprise.

Posted October 13th, 2008 at 9:12 pm by Ashley

1 year, 3 months, 10 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes old

After the pumpkin patch we stopped to have lunch at Sonic(!), which was a surprise because I’ve only ever seen/had Sonic in Cali. There Tony surprised me with tickets to Weezer for that night! Apparently he’d bought them back in August. BEFORE Ali started sleeping through the night. Talk about optimistic.

The concert was fun, us getting out was even more fun. I guess Ali woke once when we were gone (we put her down and then drove to the Memorial Coliseum) and my mom went in to give her back her paci. And she didn’t freak out!

Sleep was in short supply for a few days though. Parlty because Thursday, my bday, Ali woke up at 4:45am and then I couldn’t go back to sleep and she woke up whne I tried to leave her in our bed and so her and I were up about 5am! Then she/we woke Tony up not long after six. so, after getting to my parents’ and before the concert we each napped separately (Ali has done all her napping for the day in the car). Then we got back from the concert about midnight.

Ali woke up just after 6am.

I was sleepy.

Friday we ran a lot of errands in the morning. Got out the door around 8:30am. Went to Walmart and then was at Toys’R’Us before they opened at ten. It was fun and exhausting to go in there with Ali .Then we went to Costco and after that we were all hungry and so tired. In the afternoon we went down to the high school to see the homecoming parade. We were about an hour early so we got to snatch Alyssa from school and walk down to the elementary school to play and then watch the parade. Something about having only one kid with you and being at the start  of the route, we had whole handfuls of candy flung our way. Nearly filled up Ali’s new Dora backpack. Of course most of it she can’t eat so guess who’s stuck with it!

After that we went to AT&T with Alyssa (who, seriously, made the whole experience bearable with her presence) and got new phones! Our contract was up with Verizon, as we’d signed a two-year one on my twenty-second birthday. It was a slow process but we finally got home just before Trista did! Jordan was there too so, once again, all four kids together!

Saturday I finally got to do all I’d really wanted for my bday, which was to go shopping. Alone. Well, I went with Trista and Alyssa which was the second best thing. I don’t have to carry/entertain them. We went to town at Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack and then wandered through the mall but didn’t find much.

Then Trista didn’t turn onto the freeway. Btw, my license expired on my bday (in Oregon they last 8 years. 16+8=24). And I knew something was up. But I had NO IDEA what. We went to this strip mall on Sunnyside and there was a place called Ceramicafe. And inside was….a party! Cass and Pete, Jordan and Backy, Tony and Ali, Trista and Alyssa, Cynthia and Shayla. And a CHEESECAKE 🙂

It was so nice and so fun. I had told Tony a day or so before that I was excited about getting together with my mom’s side of the family (our next stop) because I hadn’t had any sort of bday gathering in a long time- maybe since I turned 18. It was great.

After that we quickly went home to change and then went to West Linn to my aunt and uncle’s house for part II. Also a lot of fun. Ali has such a great time in those kind of settings, and that night was no different. Even though she was exhausted she got a second wind and just ate up all the attention. Though we meant to leave early (don’t we always?) and meant to be packed up neither happened. So we didn’t get out until past eight and didn’t leave my parents’ until 9pm and didn’t get home until 11pm. Ali went seamlessly from car to crib.

Sunday we never left the house.

Today we both got hair cuts. Well, I got my bangs trimmed. And my license renewed. We went grocery shopping. Then I prepared for the speech I was supposed to present tonight. But my car died when I was pulling out. In the middle of the street. Stuck in park. It took Tony about an hour and a half to be able to move it back into the driveway. And I didn’t make it to class. Because we’re going to be in Seattle until Tuesday next week I’m going to miss then too. Kind of a struggle. Anyway, that’s why I’m home and have found time for a rather extensive update.