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Disney’s “Dinosaur”, a new molar, and an old Woods Hole t-shirt.

Posted September 14th, 2008 at 8:03 pm by Ashley

1 year, 2 months, 11 days, 13 hours, 14 minutes old

More pics! The first is another book that Ali is obsessed with right now. It’s Disney’s book version of the movie Dinosaur and it’s been weeks now that it finds it’s wayto the top of the pile and then is carried over to be read. Only it’s long and has big words andshe never stays interested. So I don’t really understand the fascination but whatever. It got her very into this lemur that Billie gave her b/c in the book Aladar (the dino) is raised by lemurs.

Those are eight of her, now, eleven and a half teeth. Below you can catch a glimpse of one of her new molars (it’s on the right). She’s recently discovered the joy of watching me through the camera if I turn the digi around to face me. Then I turn it on her real face and get these great (if not absurdly close-up) smiling shots.

Today, on the beach. The shirt she is wearing (which I LOVE, it is the perfect color to bring out her eyes) was Tony’s when he was little. Or that is my understanding. It’s possible is was his little brother Dave’s.

You know you have a toddler when…

Posted September 12th, 2008 at 8:22 pm by Ashley

1 year, 2 months, 9 days, 13 hours, 33 minutes old

This is part one of probably a thousand posts to follow.

  • You come downstairs to sights like this…….and your exasperation is met with an offering along the lines of:


  • Suddenly one toy is seemingly attached to your child.


  • They only want to read one book. Over and over and over and over.

  • And a meltdown ensues in things aren’t going their way (i.e. you cut it off at three consecutive book readings).

  • If your baby is suddenly busting moves like this, I think you may have a toddler on your hands.

  • If teething is still an issue and bedtime is more obvious than ever.


Unrelated to the previous topic, here are some other cute photos from last night:

Poor thing.

Posted September 12th, 2008 at 11:55 am by Ashley

1 year, 2 months, 9 days, 5 hours, 6 minutes old

Ali is currently in the process of getting FOUR molars. Actually I think she’s almost done, three have poked through (or at least I can see them, or are partially through) and one is just a painful looking mound of flesh. She’s sad and warm and overly sleepy. I’m gonna give her some Tylenol when she wakes up from her nap.

It really is remarkeable how symmetrical her teeth have come in. Meaning all the pair came within days of each other.

So we’ve been home…

Posted July 15th, 2008 at 9:57 pm by Ashley

1 year, 12 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes old

…a week and a half now? And we’re leaving tomorrow. Was going to be today but some things came up and now it’s tomorrow. Going to Portland. Well, Gladstone. Premise is my getting a wisdom tooth pulled. For which I am so, so, so excited as it’s been bothering me for like a year or something. And it’s going to be covered by insurance which at the last minutes was in question as I got a noticei n the mail Saturday saying our dental had been downgraded to emergencies only. Couldn’t do anything about it until Monday. Appt. was Wednesday and had been on the books for FOUR MONTHS. That’s a long wait. It was a hassle but looks at the moment as if everything is going to work out.

So we leave earlyish tomorrow and are staying until Saturday or Sunday…or Monday, whatever. We’ll see. Don’t think we ever even got fully caught up. Whatever than even means.

Rocking out with her new toy.

Before her check-up last week.

Ali did great with the shots. Didn’t really seem to phase her a bit. She’s teething though, back ones I guess (since she has all the others) and that has been hard on her. Cranky and crying through the ngiht and knawing on practically her whole hand. Hopefully that ends with a quickness.

Last Friday night we went to a Relay For Life event at the local high school. On Saturday we went to a craft fair in Nehalem and then out to lunch for Tony’s and I "anniversary" which was the day before. Two years since our first date. Also my parents…twenty-seventh? wedding anniversary so happy anniversary to them! Weekends are so fun here in the summer, there’s so much to do. Or, maybe just SOMETHING to do, which feels like a lot after the winter.

Ali at the restaurant.

And before bed.

We’ve also been playing a lot of Wii. Well, almost exclusively Wii Fit. Because we promised to return in to Jordan when we go back to town. Sad. It will definitely be missed. But we are so, so, so grateful for the loan. I’ve seriously seen such a difference all over fromthe strength exercises and yoga I’ve been doing. I’m now down SEVENTY pounds from my pregnancy peak (which was 214-yikes!). Anyone looking to buy us a present in the upcoming months, hint hint.

Some time when we finished feeding the seagulls.

And the last few are from today. More here.

Been having a lot of falls lately.

And having moments of "acting" babyish.

Tickle monster!


Posted May 30th, 2008 at 10:07 pm by Ashley

10 months, 27 days, 15 hours, 18 minutes old

Ali is starting to have a big biting problem. And it’s when she nurses. So that means it’s really MY big biting problem. except for maybe once today the boob has been put away every time because she is biting. And not once. I give her a bunch of tries. She usually starts but just kind of biting down and then I say NO, and/or grab her arm or something and she’ll usually let go. And then it’s suck, suck, bite, suck, sick, bite. Each time getting harder. It’s as the point where she seems to think it’s some kind of game? She smiles and nearly giggles when I kind-of-but-not-really yell. I’ll even smack her on the butt or lightly on the cheek and she doesn’t care. Eventually she’ll CLAMP down and then I YELL and/or hit to get her to just let go. And the boob goes away.

The afternoon when we were leaving the park I went to nurse her (b/c she barely ate any lunch or breakfast) she did the same thing and then got my arm instead. Bit me so hard there are still red, raised areas in the shape of her teeth. SO GLAD it was my arm!!!

I thought before bed she would leave it be, but nope. sucked just enough to get my milk to let down and then I had to get her off. Meanwhile I was squirting all over both of us after nearly a whole day without nursing (I hadn’t pumped since we got back from our two weeks away at the beginning of April! But got about 3oz. after I left her screaming in bed).

I don’t know what to do. In the moment all I want is to get her off. And it makes me so nervous and jumpy even when she’s being good. talk about taking the joy right out of the experience. I may have to track down one of my old nipple shields but who knows if she’d even  take it and I REALLY don’t want to have to deal with those again. It’s so frustrating. I’m even wondering if this is some sort of self-weaning?

Anyone have any advice?

Not blogging.

Posted May 28th, 2008 at 11:34 am by Ashley

10 months, 25 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes old

I have not been blogging. As you may have noticed. For a variety of reasons.

  • I am currently spending way to much time READING a blog. I’m consumed.
  • Ali is sick again. On the mend I think but that runny nose was struggling her real bad for awhile. She even had her first throw up a couple nights ago. Though it could have been a glorified spit up? I think it was because I had her sleeping kind of upright to drain some of the nasties and she coughed and coughed and then barfed warm stuff all over me. Whatever…I was glad to was at least out of her little airway!
  • I also think she’s teething again. Or still maybe. She been biting me a lot. And the coffee table.
  • I cannot handle the still wintery weather now that it is almost JUNE. It is NOT FAIR that we have had, like, no spring. NW winters are dark, dreary, and tolling enough. Lasting almost two months- or more!- longer than they should is driving me batty.
  • I get headaches everyday. I blame the CONSTANT INCESSANT MIND NUMBING banging and sawing and whatever the f&^$ else next door.
  • Also I have been kind of sick since mother’s day. But off and on. And kind of, which is the worst b/c it’s always there but never a high enough priority to receive enough attention to be remedied. And I keep forgetting to buy 7-up for my upset stomach.
  • I got my hair trimmed on Monday. It needed it so, so, bad and I think I finally found someone I would gladly return to. That hasn’t happened in years and years and it always makes needing a haircut stressful and a big event if you don’t know where to go.
  • Ali is getting too big. I’ve basically began referring to her as a one-year-old in my head so I can get used to the idea that she’s not a baby anymore.
  • We’ve been working on standing but now she refuses and makes her legs go limp. So stubborn! But I’m okay with that, Her timing is alright, plus I’m just NOT READY for a walker.
  • Some pics that never got posted:

  • Ok, I’m off to make the most of the grey and dreary day. Or at least the naptime that Ali has blessed me with!

Clapping, babbling, cruising….oh yeah, and a pickle!

Posted May 9th, 2008 at 8:04 am by Ashley

10 months, 6 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes old

I think this was the day before yesterday. What she is carrying around is what’s left of an ENTIRE pickle Tony gave her to chew on. Which she ate right up. The joys of teething have been titillating us all as of late. If you don’t usually watch the videos, take a few minutes for this one. Ali really is such a doll and TURN YOUR SOUND UP. Because she has a sweet voice too.

Take your daughter to work day.

Posted April 24th, 2008 at 8:37 pm by Ashley

9 months, 21 days, 13 hours, 48 minutes old

At least I’m pretty sure it was. There was an extraordinarily young girl in a Fred Meyer uniform at the store today. And the contractor working next door had one of his little girls with him. So, Tony "took" Ali to work for a bit as well. Adorable, I know. Now, somethings that have been running through my mind.

  • Ali’s hair is getting SO long. And it’s such chameleon hair too. Dark still on the ends from birth, with red and gold highlights. I’m so interested to see how it "turns out."

  • The above pics were taken two days ago…on Earth Day. Ali wore her Oregon Zoo t-shirt from Hannah in honor of the event.
  • I think Ali is teething again. A marked increase in drool, and general tendency to gnaw things I thought I’d taught her not to forever ago (like the coffee table) have led me to this conclusion.
  • Last night was LAME.
  • If I wonder why it’s sometimes hard to find the drive and energy to really work out then I probably should take the fact that it’s now been nearly ten months since I got a full night’s sleep into further consideration. Longer if you count pregnancy peeing. Also, I don’t think she’s slept more than four or five consecutive hours since about eight weeks old. That’s a long time.
  • I hate being stuck indoors.
  • For days on end.
  • With a cranky baby.
  • Who is struggling to nap because of construction noise.
  • Yesterday is rained and rained and rained. Through the night and hard all morning. When I looked outside after 7am there was a large puddle. About four hours later we had a backyard lake! Crazy-scary but the rain soon slowed and the water went down quickly.

  • Today we returned home from the store to find cement being poured next door. There were two trucks blocking our entrance but Mr. Contractor was kind enough to have the guys move. I gave him a wave and he gave me a nod. Much appreciated. Still. Loud and obnoxious! I did feel so bad for the poor guy who worked alone almost all day yesterday. In the torrents of rain and 60mph wind gusts. I hope he is appreciated.

April 10th, early on

And later.

Today on the west side.

And the east.

  • I’m glad people (Karlin!) like the one year ago today feature. It makes me wish I’d blogged more and drives me to strive for daily entries in the present.
  • Ali is getting so big! She’s mastering skills on a near daily basis and constantly amazing both of us with her growth in all areas. Lately, she’s become Little Ms. Organizer. More onthat to come in the near future. Well, hopefully…
  • Monday I have a dental consult in Portland. Well, Milwaukie. Here we call anything over the coastal range "Portland." Excited to go "home" even if it’s just for a short period.
  • Trista is spending next week here! But not with us 🙁
  • She’s a counselor for ODS (outdoor school) next week and Twin Rocks Friends Camp literally RIGHT down the street from us. We’re trying to hook up some sort of run-in but it’s tough because they’re not allowed to bring cell phones.
  • I hate gas prices. Hate hate hate. Makes me feel even more stuck. Especially in the relentless cold and rain.

More teeth and a lame diagnosis.

Posted March 18th, 2008 at 6:28 pm by Ashley

8 months, 15 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes old

I just noticed both of Ali’s top teeth poking through a few hours ago. No wonder we have some rough nights a few weeks back. Four teeth all in a row! I’m sad to see her fangs go though. They are just the cutest thing.

Turns out I have an inflamed SI (sacroiliac) joint. For which basically nothing can be done except alternating hot and cold, stretching, and avoiding activities that aggravate. My doc said he would have me do physical therapy if my insurance covered it. I can’t take any pain meds or muscle relaxers because I’m breastfeeding. The best outcome is it starts to resolve itself in about a month(!). If not, the next course of treatment is an injection of cortisone into the joint. I also had some white blood cells in my urine, which is being sent for a culture to see if that’s anything.

I’ve been alternating heat pad and frozen veggies for a few hours and it’s becoming more painful with every turn. Like, it makes me nauseous. So I’ve definitely been a happier camper.


Posted March 11th, 2008 at 4:36 pm by Ashley

8 months, 8 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old

Thank you for the duckie!


What happened to our baby?