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Posted December 3rd, 2008 at 9:47 pm by Ashley

1 year, 5 months, 14 hours, 58 minutes old

So, we got our pictures taken a few weeks ago as a fundraiser for MOPS. By this company. I guess they usually do the old fashioned looking ones. Anyway, we were pleased (the session didn’t go well and I wasn’t counting on getting any decent shots) and bought much more than planned to. Of course, with their prices buying ANYTHING was much more. But, we just don’t have the opportunity to go get pictures taken like if we lived in a populated area. And, the window the get Christmas cards out if quickly passing us by!

Also, these images have been scanned in, so please don’t hold any off coloring against Antiquities. You can hold the fact that they don’t offer their photos in any sort of digital form against them though…

Now I only take pictures with the iPhone.

Posted October 28th, 2008 at 8:55 pm by Ashley

1 year, 3 months, 25 days, 14 hours, 6 minutes old

Ali being a "Monster" in one of Tony’s old sweatshirts.

And eating her first sucker today, after having to get a shot.

We’ve had a busy few days. My car has been in the shop for a week. Sunday I tried again (one year later) to learn to drive Tony’s stick. I’m just not good at it. Or sticking with it 🙂 Monday morning I had to take my math midterm at TBCC (proctored, the class in through PCC and online). So Tony [and Ali] had to drive me in and drop me off while they ran errands. It was quicky, less than an hour, and went went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer afterward. Then I had my Speech class in the evening. Which I hadn’t been to in two weeks. So I had a midterm and my first speech. And no ride home. It was a little stressful.

But, all went well. I aced the midterm (despite only getting the study guide a few hours previous from a classmate when the teacher didn’t answer my emails for two weeks!) and apparently did well on my speech since Ms. Arvyn asked if I’ve taken the class before (no!). To be fair, the course is appallingly easy. And, I got a ride home from another student. All was well.

This morning, MOPS! Again, Tony drove Ali and I in. He worked and went to the YMCA. Ali had a rough time when she was taken from me (new procedure apparently) but I guess made a new friend with one of the helper ladies and wouldn’t leave her side. Last time (two weeks ago) she got so upset that she fell asleep on one of the volunteers. And it was nowhere near naptime!!! Lol, her reaction to the situation continues to crack me up but I’m so glad it’s a situation she is being put in.

After MOPS we came home and it was naptime. Then, across the street for shots. Which ended up being SHOT (singular) as there’s a national shortage on one she kind of needs (hib, I think) and we were talked out of a flu shot. Which was fine with me, it wasn’t our idea, we were told she needed it. Ali screamed bloody murder the moment the nurse called her name and didn’t stop until we left the exam room. Though she was fine for the thirty-plus minutes we spent in the waiting room. She’s really getting big that she has such strong associations.

Tomorrow we are back to Tillamook with Ali’s first dental apppintment. Besides it being recommended that all babies get a 12 month check (yeah, she’s late), she has a brown spot on one of her teeth that I’m worried is a cavity but Tony did some research and said it just a discolored area. So, we’ll see.

Also tomorrow, I get my car back! This evening we FINALLY got word of what was wrong with it….and also that it was ready! Just a missing fuse so we only have to pay for that and 1/2 hour of labor. But that only answers why is was stuck in park. Not necessarily why it died in the first place or why the engine light has been coming on for about a year. So I’m still nervous with it.

Yep, things are good. We are happy, happy, happy to be home and be able to stay for a bit for once. Last weekend was our first home in a MONTH and I figured out a coupledays ago that two to two and a half weeks is the longest we’ve been home, continuously, since…MAY?!?! Seriously, it’s been pretty crazy for a very long time.

Also looking forward to Halloween on Friday anda bonus community carnival/party on Saturday!

Proud momma.

Posted September 9th, 2008 at 8:19 pm by Ashley

1 year, 2 months, 6 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes old

It seems the older Ali gets the more proud I, also, get. As her actions have become more deliberate, so has pride become more appropriate. I said recently that I was the most proud I’ve ever been when Ali slept in her crib all night. Which, btw, she is still doing! Well, today may have topped even that.

This morning was our first MOPS meeting. Which means is was Ali’s first experience with MOPPETS. Basically childcare, provided while the moms meet. Ali has been away from us very few times, once of twice with my mom and sisters (not successful if I remember right), and the same with Tony’s mom but these were all months and months ago. Also she’s been in the church nursery a handful of times but only for twenty-thirty minutes.

I went to drop her off a few minutes before 9am. She was in with the babies up to 18months. There were, like, four workers. Two of whom were reaching their arms out to take her from me. She shakes her head "No" and clings. Then I kneel down and point out an Elmo train. She is off and I leave.

I don’t come back until past 11am.

Then very, very, very, strongly discourage any checking on the kids.

They let them cry from 10-15 minutes before coming to get you. Which, yes, is great and exactly the right thing to do- for most every kid and Ali maybe even especially. This entire process is so very monumental and necessary. Still.


When I picked her up there was chaos outside and kids trying to escape tothier parents and caretakers standing around, some bouncing baby babies. And then there was Ali standing in the middle of it all in wonderment. And she was so happy to see me.

She was abolutely covered in graham cracker so I’m pretty sure that’s what they had for a snack. And I asked one of the ladies how she did and she said really well. I said she’s never been away anything like that and she seemed surprised and said that then she did very well. A couple tears but each times was easily distracted. Maybe they just said that to make me feel good? I don’t know but I was so proud of Ali.

Even more, she then dealt with a trip to the grocery store until noon (normally snack and pre-nap time) and though she fell asleep at 12pm almost on the dot, she woke when I got home and then went back to sleep in her crib for another hour.

I just wish I could she everything she did. Who she played with, how she interacted and reacted. Tony and I are already planning how we can nanny-cam my diaper bag some week. It’s like all of a sudden she has a social life we don’t know about!