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Posted April 18th, 2008 at 10:32 pm by Ashley

9 months, 15 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes old

Sorry, I’m too tired to edit much so I basically picked them all.

The pumpkins we carved Halloween 2006. I think mine is the bottom.

Driving in awful Seattle rush hour traffic. Circa fall 2006.

Two weeks old!

Two months!

Welcome to town. Also I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of Ali’s forked tongue before.


Yo Alyss!

Two teeth.

Eating out.

So innocent.


Kissing Elmo.

At the park.

Box hat.

The first month.

Posted February 1st, 2008 at 4:53 pm by Ashley

6 months, 29 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes old

January was the first month we spent home since moving here. Actually probably the first month we spent home since….July? And that was obviously not a relaxing month! So while we are thoroughly settled in at home, there also has been a fair amount of that cooped up feeling you get during winter (especially the dreary northwest ones!). Just thought I would share that random tidbet about the last month for us. Also, lets all cross our fingers for the writer’s strike to end soon. A month at home with the crap that dominates the TV at the moment is painful. Even more so when you find yourself getting sucked into it.

We’ve also been trying to ease into a better nightime routine. More like just anything to get Ali to bed earlier. There were a couple nights, I think it might have been after her shots about a week ago, where she go to sleep until almost eleven o’clock. Ugh! The last few nights she’s been going to sleep between seven-thirty and eight-thrity, which is much better. The trick is she doesn’t sleep alone very well/for very long, so I either have to lay with her (and then really what’s the point?) or sneak away and then be ready to run back the moment she stirs. It’s kind of a pain, but it beats her staying up SO late. The big downside isthat when she sleep for so long at night (like, 11-12 hours) she gets by on two or so thirty minute or less naps. I miss long naps!!!!

Standing today (with some help).

She looooooves water.

Rockin’ the Texas onesie.

Posted January 30th, 2008 at 4:17 pm by Ashley

6 months, 27 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes old

This is before the ginormous spit-up (fueled by applesauce?) that mandated a clothing change. Thank you Grandmere for the gift! Some other pics from today…when she’s wearing the sweatsuit she’s watching Sesame Street, how funny is that?


Posted January 28th, 2008 at 5:16 pm by Ashley

6 months, 25 days, 10 hours, 27 minutes old

We got some snow! Which is very exciting considering we weren’t getting our hopes up. It began with hail last night and then turned to snow. Ali had just taken an ill-timed hour long nap (from 7-8) but it worked out well in the end, as we were all able to bundle up and head outside. It was the perfect kind of fluffy snow and beautiful, although hard to take pics because the flash would light up the snowflakes and nothing else. This morning it was still white, although more of a freeazing rain on top of a little snow kind of white. This morning we went out again. Everything waspretty dead but soon it mostly melted and the day proceeded as normal.

On the beach, but you can’t really tell.

This morning.

Also, was watching some more Sesame Street today.

  1. Why are all Elmo’s songs to the tune of Jingle Bells?
  2. ‘Trash Gordon’ makes me so sad for the actor.
  3. What happened to Harry?
  4. And Miss Piggy?
  5. Why is Mr. Noodle sooooooo stupid?



Posted January 27th, 2008 at 6:10 pm by Ashley

6 months, 24 days, 11 hours, 21 minutes old

It might be kind of hard to see but Ali’s two front teeth have created the funniest fangs that show whever she smiles. I haven’t yet been able to get a good pictures, but the bigger they grow the more you will see of them I’m sure. Click here for what may be a slightly better picture. Today we visited a new church out here. It was an interesting experience. Below is a pic of Tony and Ali this morning as well as one from a couple of days ago involving static electricity.

Belated six month check-up.

Posted January 24th, 2008 at 1:00 pm by Ashley

6 months, 21 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes old

Trying to figure insurance stuff out when we moved pushed Ali’s four month check-up back and, thus, her six monther was late as well. She had it today. She was AMAZING. Though I think a lot of the credit goes to Tony and picking the time (10:30am). Dot awoke after nine today, so this was right un between wake up and nap. We got home just before eleven thirty and she’s now conked out. Shots andbaby Tylenol do that to a little one! the lasttime we went to the clinic here (which, btw, is right across the street…also amazing, being able to just pick the tiny up and carry her home) the old doc (yes as in age, but old as in had recently retired) was filling in. This time we met the regular doc, who would be all three of ours and he is great! Which was very exciting for us. He’s relatively young, very soft spoken (at least with the baby), attentive, and mellow. Which I really like, especially with a kid. You don’t want someone trying to force whatever they think is right on you. Anyway, numbers.

So she’s six months and about three weeks.

Height:  25 1/4 inches

Weight:  15lbs. 15oz.

I think her percentiles dropped again…I think height was midway between the fifteenth and twenty-fifth percentile and don’t remember weight. but her head circumferance is, like, in the seventieth!!!! Two things about that. A) No wonder she kind of struggled to sit up (in the last two days she’s made vast progress) and B) She is going to be so smart!

Update: So I just did some hunting around, typing her number into a couple calculators. It’s hard becauseshe’s inbetween months, so herre are the results for both six and seven months…she’s closer to seven of course but, really, she’s not THAT tiny. I don’t think…

Six Months:

Length = in percentile 25
Weight = between percentile 25 and 50
Head Circumference = in percentile 90

Seven Months:

Length = between percentile 5 and 10
Weight = between percentile 10 and 25
Head Circumference = between percentile 75 and 90

I also was thinking about the accuracy of head circumferance…or lack thereof. Between Ali’s two week and two month check-ups they measured her as having lost 1/8 of an inch. Of course that was another clinic but still.


Posted January 22nd, 2008 at 7:46 pm by Ashley

6 months, 19 days, 12 hours, 57 minutes old

Two days ago Ali fell off her changing table. Tony kind of caught her on the way down, but that was a scare! More for him than for her. And last night she fell off our bed (we’re still co-sleeping). Luckily she fell with a pillow and it landed underneath. Once again she was more scared than hurt – not to mention rudely awakened. I know all babies (and kids) fall but hopefully that’s it for us for awhile.

As most of the nation is well aware, we are in the midst of a spell that is cold but beautiful. Inside you would almost swear it’s summer out. So I decided to dress Ali up as such and pretend. As you can see, she can sit. She just can’t stay that was for very long.

As always go to the album (Summery in January) to see these pics are more, bigger, brighter, and better. Click on the pic if you haven’t figured that out yet.

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Private poops, etc.

Posted January 20th, 2008 at 4:28 pm by Ashley

6 months, 17 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes old

Lately Ali has been pooping only when left alone. It’s so funny because when she was very little it was like she needed help to poop and was partial to pooping with Tony. Now it’s like she waits until we leave the room or put het in her crib. We joke that she’s decided she wants privacy already. 

I want to ask the parents out there about sitting up. How old were your kids when they began to do it and/or were proficient at it? Ali can sit up but kind of needs support or she topples over pretty quick. Right now she’s six-and-a-half months.

Just because I’m proud of this and keep forgetting to mention it, I made some awesome zucchini bread last week and am very happy there is a second loaf in the freezer for when the craving strikes. It was even healthy with more applesauce than oil, double the recommended zuchs and more whole wheat flour than white.


Thus far, bananas are her favorite. Though you wouldn’t guess that by looking at the amount that DIDN’T get in her mouth!

We were blessed to recieve a ton of clothes from a lady who works at the little store in town. This sweater and hat were two of many adorable items.

Eating Pears

Posted January 19th, 2008 at 4:35 pm by Anthony

6 months, 16 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes old


Growth and development.

Posted January 18th, 2008 at 5:02 pm by Ashley

6 months, 15 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes old

Yesterday we had a good time at the swim meeting hanging with Trista and Gabby. The ride home- not so much. I drove my car and it became very apparent how not used to drivng mountain roads I am in the dark. Oh well, we made it. Screw the people behind me. Today is goooooooooorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. we just went on an hour-plus long walk into all these crazy new developments in town. It was weird and disturbing. Countless developments in various stages of completion, more or less empty. The only movement was from workers. And the back drop was this clearcut mountainside. Who will buy these houses? And where will everyone work? I’m sure this [change] has been happening since the beginning of time, but it feels so unsettling.

I have some odds and ends photos from the last week or so: