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Two thousand nine.

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That one lunch where she drank soup from multiple bowls through a straw. Yum, muffin.
CHEESE. Oh, this we miss.
Time jump...first time eating at the table. And, this happens.

Yup, that's blood. Pretty much the best part of our venture to Chuckie Cheese's.
We finally got them to sit down for pizza. Watching some Dora to settle down. Potty Training.
She thinks this is hilarious. Stoked dude. Dinner with Draven!
The requisite "cheese!" Our awesome new set-up. Mornings :D
Um, so this is my new fave mirror... I don't know who this impostor is and what happened to my baby.
Awww, Daddy Dad! Some days are long long looooooong. Passat love.
You have no idea how often pictures like this that I did NOT take show up.

It's pretty sweet :) You're only as funny as you think you are. This is how I do afternoon tea, thanks very much.
WHAT did daddy let you do? At the Pioneer Festival in Clackamette Park. UM, who is this big girl??
Doesn't the jacket make her look SO grown up? Megrath mothers!

Looking at different cameras, of course. Ooooh, giving some attitude here ;)
Hiking up Powell Butte on Mother's Day. The child was stoked. At the top.
Mother's Day 2009 =D Silly Daddy!
Her first time feeding the ducks. At Clackamette Park.
Getting the hang of it. Slooooowly getting closer to the water.
Ah done! Prepping for prom.
Love itttttttt.

<3 Cass   
Photos 1 - 61 out of 61 | Back to Albums

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