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Really pregnant. Pretty sure I was talking to my mom on the phone.
Telling her I was in labor! Going to the hospital.
Take 1. The text sent round the world. Omg, she was so tiny.
Getting some sleep. How quickly they grow.
Back at our old stomping ground. I think she's three months or so old here. Remember moving?!?!
Settling in at the beach. Chillin' in the big bed. See?
I miss that adorable hat. Starting peeing on the potty at four months. Grandpa. 
Almost five months.
First baby doll. January I think. At Off Our Rocker.
Recently but I don't know when. Eight months old. Jordan's first apartment.
The view for his badass balcony. It was still pretty bare when we were there. Ali at Uncle Jordan's.
Sleeping on Grandpa at Church on Easter. In Seattle I think. Nine months old on the beach.
Eating sand and chewing rocks. Going to see President Clinton speak at the Tillamook Cheese Factory- Spring 2008. Yeah, we were pretty close.
That time I broke three bows in one morning. Ali was somewhat terrified. Baby in a hole!
Shayla's bday party!

And Adriah in the background!!!!

Oh, and momm too :) Opening presents. 
Sorry the quality sucks. Shayla is so keeping an eye on Ali.
ali is off in her own world. Hmmm, why does Ali have the present.
Also, the first time Ali said "backpack" = "ba-pa!" Distressed.
Photos 1 - 42 out of 42 | Back to Albums

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