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Three months old!

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The biggest girl. Loving her daddy, always. Take two.
Look at how long her hair is!
And reddish...? It's a smile, even if you can't tell. She's is in a cranky mood.
But the outfit is adorable!
Guarding that pacy with her life. Uh-oh, where'd it go? Don't you get anywhere near me.
Lol. Perturbed? There's your face! She's so over it.
Case and point. Her most well-honed talent, stuff the entire fist in her mouth. Ready to go to the mall!
Letting it all hang out. Exercising with mommy. Britt-britt (as Tony likes to call her) giving Ali the HUGEST bottle in the history of time....and her eating the whole thing.
PJs with a bow is the new style. We were supposed to be packing.
I love this outfit. Blue eyes. Doublie-fingering.
Can I get some privacy, ma? One corner of our former living room on moving day.
The same day Ali figured out how to scoot out of her bouncy. Sitting in her high chair?!!?
She loves it.
She also loves her Woodles (the duck). Rockin' the Red Riding Hood look. Not so happy.
Daddy makes waking up from a nap so much better. So cute. She had crocheted booties that matched too. So many stuffed animals in one crib.
Mommy loves pink and green. Realizing she can play with the toys. So serious.
Out for a walk on a sunny fall afternoon. So intent. And so worn out.
She is always trying to sit up like that. Paparrazi shot!
Mohawk! Sneezing?
Jusy realized her pacy fell out. Hmmm, what to do. Slick trick little girl.
Success! Back to normal, her hair is getting so long!
Talking. Those drooly smiles that melt your heart.
You want it? Of course she does.  
Photos 1 - 59 out of 59 | Back to Albums

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