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Summery in January.

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A glimpse of summer on a cold winter day. Showing some major leg! Sent from heaven.
Showing off her foot. Yeah, she can sit... ...just not necessarily for long!
Angelic. Happy girl.
Gotta work on that balance. Letting it all hang out.
Look how strong her arms are getting! Intent.
She was watching David Letterman. She loves him! Really Dave?
Checking daddy's reaction. Joyous. Seeing what's up with Dad.
Showing off her new trick. Still focused on The Late Show. Oooooh, ribbon.
Looking so tired. Window with a view.
Tiny legs. Baby ballet slippers. Hands.
And again. Spitting on her baby?  
Photos 1 - 35 out of 35 | Back to Albums

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