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Summer 2008.

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Brekkie! This happens more often than not.
Pigtails! Baby's first parade.
This was kind of freaky, the people on the corner were scrambling to pick their stuff up. Working on keeping cool.
On Tillamook has a cow in their parade.

Although I guess it was the DAIRY parade. One year old. She can do this...but can't walk?
Dancing, dancing, dancing!
Caught with her whole HEAD in the cookie jar? Pacy twins. Headed to the baby's one year check up.
This girl loves magnets. I missed the kiss. Um, glare much?
Our shutter speed sucks. Hmmm, what to order?
Exhaustion breeds giggles. Peace. Haha.
We will miss you Wii.
It's nice to be home.
Fervent offering. Fell down the stairs this morning. Regressing?
Reading Entertainment Weekly on the potty. An article about Elmo's upcoming duet with Feist! Babies for Change.
Oregon senator hopeful. Thirteen months! "Talking" to Shayla.
She has crazy-thick baby hair. Standing.
More phone talking. Or yelling... Watching Uncle Don cut wood.
This is pretty much how Matthew just is :) SO CUTE!
Check out the baby birds! They were having a GREAt time playing this game that involved Matthew running circles around me and Ali trying to keep up. Someone made a new friend.
Photos 1 - 59 out of 59 | Back to Albums

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