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Sesame Live!

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Doing "cheese!" Checking out her ticket.
Yeah, she thought this was the "Big Elmo" we'd been talking about. Our seats. Excuse the crazy eyes here and throughout. A new camera is becoming a necessity. Can you find us?
OMG, it was so cool and we are so lucky. The second round and a mild freak-out. Pretty incredible.
They came down like this to our seats the whole show! Looooooving it. Except for Elmo they all made Ali nervous, but mommy and daddy high-fived.
Cookie cracked me up.
Oh intermission and the spending frenzy it quickly became (not us though!). This is where the break-like dancing begun. You go girl!
Getting our photo taken. Thanks child. Great job. STOKED!
Fistful of pretzel sticks.
Awwww, <3.
Clapping at the end.  
Photos 1 - 35 out of 35 | Back to Albums
Location: Memorial Coliseum- Portland, OR

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