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Portland- July 2008

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Kissing the present Uncle Jordan got her. She kept trying to hug Elmo. And this would happen.
See? Playing with Grandma. We took her to the park but she wasn't quite exactly feeling it.
Case... ...and point. Quick dip in the wading pool.
Post wisdom tooth extraction. Trying to hug the girl on the bench at Nana's. Stopping to smell Nana's roses.
First trip to the zoo. Baby bears!
Or so we told her.
She really wanted to play with this kid.
She really likes owls. Like, pre-zoo trip. The elephants. Stoked to finally be able to touch something.
Yeah, she napped after this.
Getting Trista. Trying to feed the larakeets. Hand stamp.
Headed home. Talking on her new phone. Gabby-Cadabby!
Another b-day party? Gabby eats. Ali heaven.
Mmmmm, triple berry cheesecake. They sang. And she was still terrified.
Not at all sure about the cake at first.
But she came around.
More. My mom told her to kiss the Elmo on her plate.
The aftermath. Playing Apples to Apples. Asking for more cookies at Hammerlee park.
Watching all the kids. Alyssa is squirting her.
Yo Alyss!
Getting so much better about going with other people.
Well, aunts anyways.  
Photos 1 - 59 out of 59 | Back to Albums

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