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Oregon in [early] November

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Chilling with her daddy and her grandparents. Visting Nana.
Ali says, "What up?" Visting [Great] Grandpa.
Loving to drink from a cup. Mmmmm, a big cup.
Trying.... ....trying....mostly it ends up down her front. That ginromous bowl of meat.
She is amazed. Obsessed. Cannot get enough.
Look at that wet onesie. Tipping the cup over. And picking it up.
Four months old this morning! Headed out to see what the big kids are up to. Trista offered to change his oil.
This was the outcome.
My parents house on a gorgeous fall morning.
They were stuggling with getting the oil unscrewed. Jordan to the rescue!
Also, he never appears on camera. This was the answer to the oil conundrum. Sunrays.
Ali and Auntie Trist. Don't tell me this!
Grandpa, What up? Ahhh, so cute.
She was looking at my dad. Ali and Auntie Alyss. How is this the only picture we got of my mom?
Happy girls. Driving home.
Autumn in Oregon cannot compare.  
Photos 1 - 38 out of 38 | Back to Albums

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