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Mukilteo Beaches

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Picnic Point s690961550 284132 4046 Mukilteo Beaches Here it comes...
...and there she sleeps. s690961550 284135 4779 Mukilteo Beaches s690961550 284136 5018 Mukilteo Beaches
Looking. The first in a three-shot sequence. Peeking!
s690961550 284140 5982 Mukilteo Beaches This shot looks so emo-ish.
Honestly I'm not sure I knew it was being taken. s690961550 284142 6474 Mukilteo Beaches
s690961550 284143 6718 Mukilteo Beaches You can see Ali reflected in my sunglasses. Such a beautiful day.
s690961550 284146 7458 Mukilteo Beaches s690961550 284147 7703 Mukilteo Beaches Finally big enough for a Snugli!
At Martha Lake Park. What are you up to mom? Posing.
So many lily pads. The whole fam. s690961550 284154 9466 Mukilteo Beaches
Sitting on daddy's head. s690961550 284156 9957 Mukilteo Beaches Someone looks up to no good.
s690961550 284158 467 Mukilteo Beaches s690961550 284159 718 Mukilteo Beaches s690961550 284160 970 Mukilteo Beaches
He said my hair looked red.   
Photos 1 - 31 out of 31 | Back to Albums
Location: Mukilteo, WA

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