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January 2008.

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She rocks 'em. Don't mess with me! First ride in the backpack.
s690961550 567795 9852 January 2008. I had to take a pic. s690961550 567797 591 January 2008.
Dot loves her father. s690961550 567793 9261 January 2008. s690961550 567800 8589 January 2008.
Showing off that crawling position. s690961550 572403 1623 January 2008. s690961550 572503 817 January 2008.
That's the view out our front window. 
With a Dot in the way. Bunny! This one's for Karlin. Hi-five at the swim meet.
Laughing it up with Trista. Hey there! Ohhhhh, sleepy.
Figuring out the toy. Always chewing everything. My favorite is the folks in the back.
a.k.a "Swim reaper" Ahhhh. Getting changed in style.
Hello Beautiful. Go team! So happy in her backpack!
Kind of a hike. It looks like a movie backdrop. s690961550 578086 6481 January 2008.
Her new favorite spot. Under the coffee table. Ready for a walk. s690961550 578089 3908 January 2008.
Static! That must feel funny. s690961550 592539 7619 January 2008.
He-ey! Blinked. Going to church.
Grabbing for the cam. Streeeeetch. Fangs!
Better shot. Tummy. My freckles stand out when I'm so pale.
Half-face and all-crazy. Shhhh baby. Just woke up.
Sitting up in the tub! Representin' for Grandmere and Uncle Dave! s690961550 598916 505 January 2008.
s690961550 598917 853 January 2008. Playing the "Blanket Game." It's a modified version of peek-a-boo.
Watching Sesame Street. Enraptured.
And those cheeks! Eating a book.
Watching the democratic debate. Her hair is getting so long.
And unmanageable!  
Photos 1 - 59 out of 59 | Back to Albums

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