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Holidays 2008.

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Momma and baby. Or not-so. s690961550 1547887 6793 Holidays 2008. s690961550 1547888 7016 Holidays 2008.
Love the snotty nose :) You can't tell in most of them, but she was NOT into these pictures. Stoked about this one!!!!
s690961550 1578653 8588 Holidays 2008. We had to photoshop her snot out of this one. Enthralled.
s690961550 1578656 9203 Holidays 2008. This one is so very typical. Mom and Dad smiling, Ali looks angry/scared at the photog. Now would you believe this was the shot we got as our free one? Of course, right?
The eve of our Christmas, December 20th, 2008. s690961550 1719461 4454 Holidays 2008. Pretty much this was her presents opening outfit.
Enjoying juice and popcorn at her new table and chairs. Took our tree down on the 21st!

At least it made some room... This is what we drove through to make it to Gladstone for Christmas.
Ali loving Nana's pup. Tony and my mom were trying to clear off their patio. So cute, everyone watching.
s690961550 1719469 6868 Holidays 2008. Ali face down eating snow. And again.
The fam out sledding.

And my hat makes me look Russian. s690961550 1719473 8116 Holidays 2008. Sledding @ Krax.
s690961550 1719475 8756 Holidays 2008. Best sled face EVER! s690961550 1719477 9378 Holidays 2008.
Oh yeah, getting some air. She really liked eating snow. They Karlin came to play.
Ali smiling at Karlin. s690961550 1719482 1867 Holidays 2008. Trista, I thought you said eating snow was gross?
Worried much? Trying to convince Grandpa to watch more "Ali" videos I'm sure. Stealing Trista's cocoa pebbles.
This is mostly how I do. Third Christmas now, this time at Billie's in Seattle. So darling.
s690961550 1719492 5219 Holidays 2008. s690961550 1719493 5552 Holidays 2008. NYE, dressed for the mall.
She does that with her hands whenever I say "smile!" Haha, for the Swalla kids out there. Tony fixing the no-longer-dancing Santa.  
Photos 1 - 47 out of 47 | Back to Albums

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