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Four months…already?!?!

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Smiling at her daddy. Showing the tooth she's cutting? Maybe... Halloween is over dear.
She loves her daddy.
Also, she looks so much like Shayla here! Uhhhhh. It's the spit 'n' smack.
Rockin' the hat/bootie combo her Auntie Karlin sent. Pretty much the cutest thing EVER. We like to refer to her style as "hipster."
Headed out to fetch the mail. I know I'm cute.
Flirting with Phil. Me and Little Cat.
Ali missed her Grand-mere. She looks like she's trying to paddle her bouncy. Pacy or wooden spoon? What a dilemna.
Helping Grand-mere make Thanksgiving dinner. Now she's moved on to a spatula. Such a little girl now!
Early Thanksgiving. Looks like Ali made Shpang blush... Look out...
Girl with a spatula!
Sitting up in the bouncy is her newest trick.
Buckling in is now a must.
She has such a sweet face.
Julie, our neighbor, came and stole her. She fits perfectly in this little cradle.
Thanksgiving (yeah, that album is full). This photo cracks me up! Besides me looking preggo....it's a cute picture.
Gingerbread houses. Great Grandma.
And Brandon! Ali looks like such a little lady.
Sleeping Dot during the ornament exchange. High fiving is another new trick. She's dressed for the Hawkeye game today.
She looks like a little softball player! Sooooo sleeeeeeepy.
Out before the game even begins. Awake in the second half.
Something good just happened, that's why Tony's so happy. Ready for church.
Just chillin' on a Sunday afternoon. Sitting on the potty. Yep, at four months old!
Photos 1 - 54 out of 54 | Back to Albums

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