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February 2008.

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What is that face?!?! Standing with Daddy's help. One hand!
Tongue :p Seven months!
You give and girl a baby... ...and this is what she does!
Poor dolly. Stranglehold.
Taking in the momentary sunshine. Always razzing. Dot in dots on dots.
Giggle. Four teeth. Two fangs. Little sitter.
Joy! How does this always happen? Unsure.
Exploring. Mom? Telling secrets.
BFFS. Cockeye.
She knows what's her's. How we do. On the road.
No rain..what? Fashion forward. Multitasking.
Trying to escape the back of my Subaru. First Valentine's Day. Panty shot!
The back of my wagon is our new place to play.
Such a sweet sleep. February 20th, 2008.
Just over seven and a half months old.
T W I C E !!!! Parents night out!
Ali finds a friend in the nursery.
Pretty much the cutest thing. Home again. Always standing on the coffee table now.
Photos 1 - 52 out of 52 | Back to Albums

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