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Christmas (Part II)

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Christmas Eve. s690961550 517651 3719 Christmas (Part II) Going to see Santa.
s690961550 517654 4311 Christmas (Part II) Not sure what to think. Who are you?
Santa looks stoned. s690961550 517658 5139 Christmas (Part II) Ummmm, are we done yet?
Christmas morning! s690961550 517683 1129 Christmas (Part II) Ali's stocking.
Pretty much how things always go. s690961550 517686 83 Christmas (Part II) s690961550 517687 327 Christmas (Part II)
My dad would make a pretty good Santa! Everyone loves Wii. Especially in this house! The Yule log on all day.
Trista made Tony an apron (it's got money as a pattern) and Ali a matching bib! Trista rocking the hat/scarf combo! Trista got Ali the CUTEST vest!
Daddy's present for Ali. s690961550 517692 1523 Christmas (Part II) Gotta love Ikea.
Happy girl. s690961550 517695 2279 Christmas (Part II) s690961550 517696 2745 Christmas (Part II)
Getting sleepy. The aftermath. Trista got the cutest robe!
Giving attitude? Grandma reading mom's book. The Scrabble game that follows.
ON CHRISTMAS!!!!! Ali woke up from a nap and had one present left. s690961550 517704 4781 Christmas (Part II)
What is it? A snowsuit! How timely. Not so happy.
It will never happen again.
But I was wearing Oregon State boots when I ran out into the snow. s690961550 517933 6953 Christmas (Part II) First Christmas.
First snow.
s690961550 517709 6065 Christmas (Part II) Touching it. Tasting it.
s690961550 517934 7397 Christmas (Part II) Yummmmmm. s690961550 517935 7486 Christmas (Part II)
s690961550 517936 7745 Christmas (Part II) s690961550 517713 7138 Christmas (Part II) s690961550 517937 8011 Christmas (Part II)
The roast we had for dinner. Becky got Ali this adorable dress. And the cutest coat everrrrrr. But too big for now.
All dressed in bows.   
Photos 1 - 55 out of 55 | Back to Albums

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