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Christmas (Part I)

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First airport excursion. This guy (thing?) was handing out PDX Happy Holiday pins. Can you see the rainbow we saw on the drive home?
Ali screaming, her Grandmere, andher Great Grandma Swalla. Hands.
I love this picture. Going for the newspaper.
She's so mobile now it scares me. Got it! And, into the mouth.
We let her try a frozen waffle as a teether. She loved it.
And tried to eat it. This is her first ever bite. Tree and presents.
Tony opening one. Ali and her pile.
Loving it.
This cat is from her Great Grandma Swalla and it meows.
Score! Hawkeye sweatshirt.
Opening a present. A necklace! I think Billie has a mouthful of Toblerone.
The one present mommy got her...clothes! Ali got a cabbage patch doll from her auntie Angela!
She immediately tried to nurse on it.
Ali, her doll, and her great grandma. Oohp, is that the crawling position I see?
At the Megrath Christmas on December 22nd. She kept that Santa hat on!
Ali and great grandma.
My not-so-little cousin Matthew.
She was entertained by this present for, like, a week.
That tie played 'Slient Night.' The Happy Birthday was for Tony. All alone at the table.
This is just how Alyssa does. Ali fell asleep on Aunt Yvonne...then Aunt Yvonne fell asleep holding her.  
Photos 1 - 59 out of 59 | Back to Albums

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