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August 2008

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Obama at the Tillamook County Fair?
Seeing the cows. Petting a goat.
Walking on the beach. With assistance.
Falling over. Pensive much?
She really, really thought she deserved to be in the water.
It was, like, 8pm.
Ali was so loving swinging with this kid. Ali at Off Our Rocker. Texting I'm sure.
What? New hair!
Sleeping on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's. Everyone cooling off in the backyard. Prepping our boat-pool.
Oh Alyssa. Awww.
Mama and baby. Sisters.
Ali and cousin Isaac and the Lewis family picnic. Yes, she has vintage neon saltwater sandals. Drink up baby, it's hot out.
August birthdays.
Playing in the water. So cute! It's looking like they're dancing.
The sisters. Now which two don't belong?
Getting the bucket dumped on them. Getting so big. I love the crying pics.
So sad! Mmmmmm, snot. Baby buns.
(Her hair).
This craziness happened all over my living room.
For, like, three days. Eating a rose cupcake that Karlin made.
Yummy! Baby Draven. Shayla gave tiny Orion some toys.
Photos 1 - 60 out of 60 | Back to Albums

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