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Alizabeth Shirlie Carroll

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Fresh out. She was born July 3rd at 6:49am.
Seven pounds and two ounces.
Nineteen and a half inches long.
Daddy and daughter.
First-time Grandma. My mom, sister and daughter.
All present in the delivery room!
Grand-mere Swalla. The rest of Ali's audience.
The sweetest nappers.
Uncle Dave. Breastfeeding...or trying :) Ali and Shpang.
Ali and Nana Kris. Twenty-four hours old. Going home from the hospital.
We're such a family. Ready to go out and meet the day.
Happy 4th of July! First car ride.
Aunt Alyssa holds her for the first time.
Trying out the swing. Daddy doesn't get time off.
He gots to make the money...
He thinks she'll be walking by next week ;)
We were having a nap. Getting ready for our first doctor's appointment.
The blanket Aunt Cassie made. She so wants to suck her thumb...
...and I so would rather she didn't.
The nurse measured her head 15.25 inches in circumference. She wasn't the biggest fan of the doc.
There's my girl! This is how we spend our days. 
Daddy works.
Mommy feeds.
Ali eats and sleeps. Five days old.
She's growing so fast. Catching flies...six days old.
She's such a daddy's girl.
Photos 1 - 54 out of 54 | Back to Albums

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