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anthony charles carroll

i’m the daddy

I’ve relegated the sandwich to the bottom of the page in leiu of some more relevant information about me.

Growing up, I moved around a lot. Places I’ve called home include Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington. I did a bit of html programming during high school before spending a year at University of Iowa in 1999. I enrolled for Journalism but left with a fierce love of film theory. I was offered a position at a video game review web site which was in its infancy, and did that for two years before going back to school at Penn State, this time for Media Studies with an emphasis in Film and Television. I spent a lot of time watching some very cool movies and a fair bit of time watching some very lame ones. While my media analysis skills were being honed during the day, I worked with the Floral Genome Project doing some pretty hardcore perl programming to pay the bills. A few years ago, I moved out west and finished my last year of college on the internet (through Penn State). Since there aren’t a ton of film theory positions flying around, I stuck with what I knew second best and pursued programming work. I started doing PHP for Point B Web during an internship and have been with them for the past two and a half (?!) years.

My favorite movies are Band of Outsiders, The Searchers, Night of the Hunter.

My favorite records are from Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Presidents of the United States of America, and Weezer.

My favorite books are mostly all about film.

I also like sandwiches, the French New Wave, water, thinking things through, television, and coding websites.

I can be found on facebook. Myspace too, but it sucks.

Oh, and Ali. Alizabeth is the gravity of my world. She keeps me sane, balanced, and in equilibrium. She is 100% love. Her perspective is endlessly fascinating and we are mutually amused and inspired by one another.


Not quite sure what to put here yet, but i love sandwiches. This one here is a homemade peppered turkey, roast beef, and turkey bacon with colbyjack. Salt and vins on the side with an apple for my health. Coke Zero to top it off. Mmmm, lunch.

the sandwich.

I’m a programmer who likes to think of himself as a writer. I can also be found on a major social networking site.

5 Responses to: “Dad”

  1. Kathy (Swalla) Amos responds:
    Posted: July 5th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    Sure love your website! The postings are precious and help me (us?) feel that we are right there with you!! My thoughts on Ali are…..
    a) she looks like a Swalla baby (my bias is showing)
    b) she looks just like you!!
    c) she is beautiful and your life will never be the same again….but will always be better for having her!!!!!!
    Know that my love and prayers are with you and your girls.

    Kathy :)

  2. Katie and Rick Swalla responds:
    Posted: July 8th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Hey Tony:

    Just a quick note to say congratulations and welcome to young Alli. She is really pretty and we are delighted you’re all doing well. Hang in there during those long nights of sleep deprivation, this too shall pass. Hold her tight, kiss her often and give her a good squeeze for us! Love,

    Aunt Katie, Uncle Rick, Ben, Luke and Hank

  3. Jon, Michelle & Kate Holmes responds:
    Posted: November 10th, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    Hi Tony!
    Love the website! She is absolutely adorable and we can’t wait to meet her! Any plans to visit any time soon???
    Jon, Michelle & Kate

  4. Joni responds:
    Posted: February 8th, 2015 at 3:03 pm

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  5. Nare responds:
    Posted: October 10th, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Krista – Maria, thank you so much for letting me join you on Saturday, it was a lot of fun! I am so eectixd about being able to learn all of your techniques. It means a lot to me that you have accepted me as one of your mentees. xoxo

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