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Posted August 8th, 2008 at 2:53 pm by Ashley

1 year, 1 month, 5 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes old

Ok, here’s some catch-up pics.

n690961550 1093130 3362 Naptime!

Last week it was actually warm enough to get in the water a bit.

n690961550 1093140 5197 Naptime!

Ali reading about the new season of Sesame Street on the pot.

n690961550 1118431 8313 Naptime!

She has now discovered simulated phone usage. Which involves the phoneheld in the vicinity of her ear, and screamed baby-babble. Here she was specifically "talking" to Shayla.

n690961550 1118435 343 Naptime!

Riding her bike…today! (Which means we’re up to date)

n690961550 1118436 869 Naptime!

And more phone chats.

Nighttime is just as painful. She continues to wake uo every hour to hour-and-a-half with usually one three hour stretch. Isn’t that worse thanmost newborns?!?! I might call the doctor soon just to….I don’t know. Just to do something??? But that’s a whole other issue considering we’ve seen a different doctor every time (three of them) we’ve gone since moving here and we hear [hope!] there’s a permenant one coming soon but it’s hard having no established relationship.

I am working on drastically cutting down my caffeine intake because that could definitely be having an effect. Went from having two cups in the morning to mid-morning and one about 3pm to having one and half before noon and today having one about 10am. So we’ll see. No real improvements yet, but UGH. What a hard time to cut down on the stimulants. I kind of feel like a walking zombie.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Tillamook County Fair which is exciting. Next weekend we’ll be in the Portland area for the Lewis family picnic and for a wedding. Next week we are spending a few days in Off Our Rocker again. And by we I now mean Tony, as we discovered it works best if he just goes over there with his laptop and does his own work. I am working on enrolling for some classes in the fall through PCC. it has been especially difficult since I’m going to begetting financial aid (which involves tons of hoop jumping) and I’m finally transferring credits from three different colleges. I have to go next week to take a math placement test at TBCC (Tillamook Bay Community College), which I’m trying to study a bit for but it’s kind of depressing to look at stuff you know you know (or knew) how to do and realize you no longer have more than a faint inkling.

So we’re busy. And tired. And we’re had nary a sunbreak here since last Sunday! Which is so frustrating for me.

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  1. Anonymous responds:
    Posted: August 11th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    The last two pictures are the cutest–and Ali looks so much bigger/older in them, even though I just saw her! I love the fake phone conversations…just wait, she’ll start making YOU “talk” on the phone to various people next!

    Yay to signing up for classes, but ew, placement tests. I didn’t do so great on the math one either. I just took a computer one, because for the nursing program, you need a 62 or you need to take Comp. Science 120, and I got a 61! Lol, so obviously, I will take it again, but seriously, can I please borrow Tony to take it for me?

  2. Cynthia responds:
    Posted: August 11th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    *sigh* Me.

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