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The big day.

Posted July 8th, 2008 at 5:34 pm by Ashley

1 year, 5 days, 10 hours, 45 minutes old

We all (Tony, Ali and I) woke up at 6:30am on her bday. Weird. Especially considering she was born at 8:49am Iowa time. At breakfast this happened:

n690961550 1002033 4556 The big day.n690961550 1002034 4888 The big day.

If you can’t tell the dog was licking yogurt off her hands. Which Ali found to be quite hilarious. After breakfast we walked to Starbucks (which was a looooooong walk). Ali fell asleep which made me happy because she had a long day ahead of her. We went swimming at Hyperion and then home to shower because we were meeting Tony’s cousin Lyn, Aunt Mary, Billie (aka Grandmere), and Lyn’s two kids, Ella and Joey at the Merle Hay mall in the afternoon. Once again Ali napped and we were able to do some decorating for the party that was happening in the evening.

I can’t even begin to post all the absolutely adorable photos of Ali and Joey that I have. Mary has the nicest camera and seeing her high quality puts our camera to shame. So please check out her pics here and the rest of our here. Okay, Joey turned one mid-May and seems like such a mellow guy. And Ella you can tell if just a total sweetheart. Mary said that they sometimes look at this site together and that Ella asked when she got to meet the "girl who lives on the ocean." So cute. Without further ado, here is some of what went down:

n690961550 1010505 7018 The big day.

Ali modeling for Mary.

n690961550 1010510 8598 The big day.

Joey being silly.

n690961550 1010511 8882 The big day.

Lyn and Joey, Tony and Ali, and Ella.

n690961550 1002042 7162 The big day.

Ali got some presents!

n690961550 1010513 9706 The big day.

Giving kisses!

n690961550 1010517 893 The big day.

And then these two starting loving on each other.

n690961550 1010519 1483 The big day.

n690961550 1010521 2257 The big day.

n690961550 1010528 4493 The big day.

Joey got a little excited and bowled Ali over.

n690961550 1010531 5507 The big day.

Right back to loving.

n690961550 1010532 5811 The big day.

Ella playing with Ali’s new toys.

n690961550 1002050 135 The big day.

Ali trying to drink Joe’s milk.

n690961550 1002057 2735 The big day.

Letting Grandmere do something that resembles holding.

n690961550 1010537 7631 The big day.

Time to go.

Then we went home and put Ali down for yet another nap because there was no way she would last through a whole party…especially a laterish one. I think people began to arrive at 5:30pm and she didn’t wake up until after 6:15 or so. But that’s another post.

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