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you think i’d lay down and die

Posted March 17th, 2007 at 6:27 pm by Anthony

3 months, 17 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes until birth

oh no, not i. i will survive.

as ashley mentioned, this week was a long one. she didn’t drop linkage though, so support the cause and visit ironmaster.com. we made it to the island, and settled into my ma’s cozy apartment at the friday harbor labs. we looked in the seatables for a bit so ali got her first in utero exposure to all the lovely animals.

 you think id lay down and die

the ferry ride was fun, albeit a bit rainy:

03 17 2006 ferry 008 you think id lay down and die

and a bonus for balyssa:

03 17 2006 ferry 004 you think id lay down and die

spring is almost upon us here in the northwest; the days are getting (what seems to be) exponentially longer and we’ve been glimpsing the sun in ever increasing doses. gone are the days of snowstorms and windstorms (knock on fallen wood), and some evenings the smell of back porch grillings lingers in the air. summer, oh beacon of light and warmth, we anticipate you.

in other news, march madness and the $270 prize a winning bracket brings. i’ve got kansas over ohio state, ash has ohio state over kansas, and ali has oregon over north carolina. we’ve all lost a final four team already (wsu for me n ash, duke[?!?] for ali).

oh yea, and we redesigned. we’ve gone the wordpress route because of the wealth of plugins and whatnot. this look is based on a template called beast-blog with some massive css and png work by yours truly. as usual, it looks best in firefox but if you’re using ie7 it shouldn’t be too bad. for those of you still using ie6, (we see the logs, we know who you are…) get a new browser. icon smile you think id lay down and die windows update should take care of it.

hope all is well in your neck of the proverbial woods. much love.

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